The Baccalaureate Ceremony…a tradition for centuries, is held as a prelude to graduation. This ceremony offers graduates and their families a more personal experience and intimate gathering. The ceremony includes various performances and readings by members of the senior class, as well as a guest speaker. Baccalaureate is an opportunity for all to reflect on their lives, rejoice in their journey, and be thankful for their blessings. It is a spiritual service sponsored by the Senior Parent Committee. It is inclusive of all faiths and beliefs. 


The Rose Cutting Ceremony…an FISD tradition since 1948, is a formal and symbolic ceremony, bringing the seniors together one more time before graduation. The students enter carrying white roses, joined by a continuous ribbon, to signify their unity as a class. During the ceremony, each student will cut their ribbon free, symbolizing going forth individually to pursue their dreams. 



Friday, May 15th  - Rehearsal (student attendance is mandatory) 

Sunday May 17th  - Baccalaureate and Rose Ceremony 



Prestonwood Baptist, North Campus 
1001 Prosper Trail
Prosper, TX 75078


All RHS seniors and families are invited to attend.  
Only seniors attend the rehearsal, families are invited to the ceremony. 

Seniors will wear their graduation gowns and stoles for the entire ceremony.  It is their decision what to wear under it, but we ask no jeans please.  Only the gown is worn, no drapes, cords, caps, tassels, etc. Gowns are required. If your senior is not participating in the graduation ceremony and does not have a gown, please email the committee. We have a limited number of gowns available from last year that can be borrowed for baccalaureate. 



There is no fee to participate. Tickets are not necessary, but RSVP is required so we can plan the seating for max capacity.



Please fill out the RSVP form. NOTE: It is important for the committee to have as accurate a count as possible for planning purposes. The church has multiple seating layouts to accommodate groups of different sizes. Based on attendance rates of past FISD baccalaureates and our desire not to limit the number of invited guests per graduate, we ask you to be as accurate as possible in your RSVP, respectful of other families in your invitations/attendees, and to notify us of any changes after you have RSVP'd.



The senior video will be shown prior to baccalaureate. This video will include pictures from the various senior events throughout the year, as well as the senior pictures you submitted to this committee and the baby picture you submitted to Reedy High School. The video will also be made available for download as a keepsake of the students' journey through their senior year.



For additional questions, please contact the baccalaureate committee at

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