Senior Events
Senior Breakfast - September 20th 
Senior Breakfast will be September 20th at 8:00 am outside the Reedy GYM.  Fun things often included are photo booth ops. T-shirts will be distributed this day. 
Senior Bonfire - February 8th, 2020
Bonfire will be on Saturday February 8th. Seniors will arrive by 7pm and there will be barn dancing and a bonfire for the kids to hang out. A live DJ will be on site to play music. Tickets are $15 and include admission to the event. Snacks will be served and smore's will be around the campfire. 
Color Throw  - TBD
This event is typically held after Spring Break. The chair has much latitude in planning the event, food, music, other games, etc. This event began on the smaller side but has been gaining solidly in popularity over the past couple of years, such that in 2019 more than 300 students attended. Solid white T-shirts , color, music, and simple food (e.g.,popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, drinks) are typically included in ticket price.
Powder Puff - TBD
This is a flag football game played between junior and senior girls, with cheer and coaching provided by junior and senior boys. The event takes place toward the end of April.
Six Flags - TBD
Senior Picnic - TBD 
This is an event where the seniors get together after graduation  practice and enjoy dinner, games, inflatables and fun. 
Baccalaureate - TBD

This is a long-standing tradition of the RHS senior class and the parent committee. Baccalaureate is widely attended and held toward the middle of May, often the weekend before Memorial Day. Many people enjoy the personalization of Baccalaureate where students come attired in graduation gowns (no caps), sit with their friends, see the senior video, participate in the rose ceremony, have musical presentations by members of the class and outside musicians, and have an inspirational speaker. Students typically are called to the stage

by someone who was a large influence in their elementary or middle school. Baccalaureate is a personal, spiritual, inspirational event followed by a reception put on by the Junior Class parent Committee.

Graduation - Friday, May 29th 7:30 pm

Location - Dallas Star

NO REFUND POLICY: Please note there is a no refund policy for all senior events. We rely 100% on donations and ticket sales to fund all events. We pay for every PayPal transaction (incoming and outbound), and completely rely on volunteers.

* Not sponsored by this committee, here for your reference

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